David Geiser

David Geiser

"Geiser searches to capture a rare truth and impart it in his art."

"The initial impression of David Geiser's paintings is their physical appearance, the palpability of the work.
These pieces reveal their manual construction, the process that brought them into being... they are tough,
unruly pieces, crafted by hand."

Illustrations, Spring/Summer 2011

Select pieces are available for sale as greeting cards

I can't go on...
I will go on !

Talking the Talk

Ladder Man 1

Ladder Man 2

Polly wants a snack!

Pogo Stick
Watch they eyes...

Godess Cephalopodes
tongues a muster mate
and gruel beckons yolk

Dr. Teeth

prayers may not be answered this year....

Urban Cougar

2nd Avenue Fred

Eating his words...