Matter Into Spirit
The Kim Foster Gallery, New York
Sepetember 9 - October 8, 1994

Purple Root, 1994
Matter and spirit are terms that verge on the metaphysical or even the alchemical. Something happens between them. It is a kind of visual/conceptual transformation. All energy occurs on a binary level, and carries its own system of signification... Boojam, 1994
Boojam, 1994

Colony I, 1994
In the yin-yang of Taoism there is the signification of polar energies merging together as one. It is a universal symbol, a well-known Jungian archetype. The opposing energies, symbolized in the yin-yang, are represented as a sexual union, a centering of forces co-mingling throughout the universe. The transformation of matter into spirit is directly connected to Taoist philosophy. It is a philosophy that has some relevance to the interaction of signs evoked throughout this exhibition.

From an essay by Robert C. Morgan

Colony II, 1994