What I have done is a rather
coarse reality... but it will
have a rustic quality and
will smell of the earth
Vincent van Gogh
From Disorder (chaos) order
grows--grows fruitful. The
chaos feeds it. Chaos feeds
the tree.
William Carlos Williams
The initial impression of David Geiser's paintings is their physical appearance, the palpability of the work. These pieces reveal their manual construction, the process that brought them into being... they are tough, unruly pieces, crafted by hand.
 -Peter Selz

There is a sense of volcanic flow and tectonic shift in these jubilant etudes on seep and weep, sludge and snot, and above all, flow. Ultimately, Geiser's subject matter is viscosity itself.
 -Richard Speer

Shows & Collections:
2010: Nabi Gallery "Nocturnes", Feb 11-March 20. Reception Thursday Feb 11, 6-8 P.M.
2009: Sylvester & Co. Opening Reception August 8, 2009
Sylvester & Co. [at home] - The Work of David Geiser, August 8 - November 4, 2009
Corporate Installations - 1300 17th Street Lobby, Aloft Hotel Lobby
Butters Gallery Ltd, New Paintings for 2009, June 04 - June 27, 2009
When the Artist Was Underground, by Baylis Greene - East Hampton Star, March 18, 2009
David Geiser at Ross and Guild Hall - March 2009
2008: The Brooklyn Rail essay by Robert C. Morgan, March 2008
Spanierman Gallery LLC, online gallery
New Work, Spring 2008
Blue Splash, Jan 5 - Feb 2, 2008
Kip's Gallery, New York
2007: Four Artists Exhibition: Sept13 - October 20, 2007
Kip's Gallery, New York
Butters Gallery, Ltd. - July 2007
New Paintings, Spring 2007
2006: New Paintings, Spring & Summer 2006
2005: Butters Gallery, Ltd. - September 2005
Hampton Road Gallery, July 2005
The Lost Paintings, Recently unearthed images from early 1970s-era paintings, whereabouts unknkown.
New Paintings, Summer 2005
Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art, Activating Space: Sculpture as Environment
Friday, April 15, 2005 - Sunday, August 21, 2005
2004: Islip Art Museum, December 2004 - January 2005
New Paintings, Summer 2004 - Caldrons
2003: Butters Gallery, Ltd. - Summer 2003
    [review - Automatic Viscera]
New Work, Spring 2003
Winter Selections - Alpan Gallery, January 2003
2002: Paper Project Installation - Butters Gallery, Ltd., December 2002
New Work 2002 - Red Circle, Parchment, Spiral
Butters Gallery, Ltd. - Flower Fire, Tree, Spur
2001: New Work 2001 - Parchment, Thorn, Hearts
Jacksonville Museum of Modern Art - Neoboanica: Flora by Four Contemporary Artists
    [review - Neoboanica]
Bryant Street Gallery - Fan, Thorn, Twister, Spur
    [review - David Geiser at Bryant Street Gallery]
2000: Butters Gallery, Ltd. - Thorn, Byzanthium, Fire, Cenote
Flora Danica Gallery - Parchment Series
Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires - River Mist, Horizon
    [review - David Geiser, Pinturas]
1999: Butters Gallery, Ltd. - Pole, Fire Snake, Cenote
1994-'98: Paintings, 1994-1998 - Colony, Helmets, Blood, Fire
Experiments in Natural History - Butters Gallery Ltd., Nov. 1996
Matter Into Spirit - Kim Foster Gallery, Sept. 1994
1990-'93: Paintings, 1990-1993 - Spiral, Bough, Current
Metal, A Painterly Medium - Anita Shapolsky Gallery, March 1993
1983-'88: Expressionistic Paintings, 1983-1988 - Horns, Dawg, Dog
1978-'83: Early Paintings, 1978-1983 - Still lifes, portraits
Underground Comics:
1969-'79: Comics 1970-1979 - DTs, Pain, Saloon, Clowns
Illustrations 1969-1979
Various characters
Articles & Reviews:
Review by Richard Speer , Williamette Weekly - 2003
Automatic Viscera , Williamette Weekly - Aug. 8, 2003
Neobotanica: Flora by Four Contemporary Artists , Florida Times-Union - Nov. 9, 2001
David Geiser - Pinturas, from laplataYA!, Buenos Aires - July 2001
Eternal Struggles, excerpt from Robert C. Morgan
River Mist - New Paintings, Robert C. Morgan - May 2000
Cover Magazine article, Kay Kenny - April 1998
Review Magazine article, Bowyer Bell - Sept. 1997
Essay by Peter Selz - 1992
The Detritus of the Sign, Robert C. Morgan - 1989
Artist Bio
Artist Statement
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Butters Gallery, Ltd., Portland, Oregon
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Kip's Gallery
  531 W.25th Street Ground Floor
  New York, NY 10001
Spanierman Gallery LLC
  45 East 58 Street
  New York, NY 10022
Bryant Street Gallery, Palo Alto CA
  Bryant Street Gallery on-line show
  Views of Bryant Street Gallery
Alpan Gallery, Huntington, NY
Lizan Tops Gallery, East Hampton, NY
Flora Danica Gallery, New York
Anita Shapolsky Gallery, New York
Kim Foster Gallery, New York
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